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Back Pain and Neck Pain

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Back pain and neck pain are two common types of pain that we often see with all of our clients. Back pain and neck pain can be injury-related, but can also be the result of everyday activities that are performed improperly or with overexertion. Whatever the cause, we provide massage therapy and chiropractic techniques to help reduce swelling in these areas and promote circulation for more movability.

Back Pain

Back pain can result in lifting items incorrectly, sitting too much in a chair that isn't ergonomically designed, or even sleeping incorrectly which leads to lower lumbar aches. Back pain can be targeted with massage therapy but can also be eased with chiropractic adjustments (if the pain is prolonged) as well as with inversion methods and tables that re-balance and realign your spine to reduce the pain and pressure from one localized area. If you have persistent back pain, this should not be ignored as it could be signaling a further, underlying health problem. Continuing to put pressure on a herniated disk can result in further pain and deviation of the vertebrae.

Hip Pain

If you have ongoing lower back pain, then you may eventually have some hip pain as well. Hip aches and pains don’t always have to happen on both sides but can be the result of overexertion on your lower back and legs. If you have a slipped or herniated disk, this can also lead to hip pain that you feel in your lower back, your hips, your buttocks, and even around your waist. Most of the time, hip pain is the result of pre-existing back pain, but it can also be the result of a sports injury that requires twisting and running, and usage of your hip for stretching or certain movements. To treat most lower back and hip pain, however, we tend to use the Gonstead technique, which puts pressure on your lower back, pelvis area, and hips to enhance mobility and reduce discomfort.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can often be caused by a related injury or even improper balance and sleeping positions. If you’ve ever woken up to your neck aching, the problem is likely that you slept incorrectly on your neck. To reduce this and other common neck-related problems, we can provide massage therapy (if it’s an ongoing habit) and techniques like the Activator technique, which put pressure on specific points in your body to reduce stress in the next and head and can even relieve headaches.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain often goes hand-in-hand with neck pain. If your neck is aching, chances are, your shoulders are too. The best remedy for the shoulder pain that is not injury-related, is massage therapy. This is because massage therapy can reduce swelling in the shoulders that are stressed by the improper movements of your neck. If you've slept on your neck wrong and continue to move it about, your shoulders will likely feel the extra pressure and become irritated as well. Massage therapy can help reduce this.

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