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Massage Therapy

professional chiropractic specialist working on massage therapy

We believe in offering massage therapy as an alternative to more invasive procedures that often require more medical follow up and are typically more painful. Many of the muscle injuries and pains that we see in our office are usually the result of overexertion or improperly performing a task. With massage therapy, we can help target problem areas by relieving stress and pressure that is put on the muscles with our unique massage techniques.

Alleviating Pain

The main purpose of massage therapy is to alleviate pain and to reduce the build-up of knots and discomfort in the muscles themselves. When the muscles do not receive enough oxygen and circulation, they can eventually become inflamed and even more sore than before. With massage therapy, we can help the client feel less pain in those troubled muscles and reduce the stress that is put on those muscles when performing regular activities.

Gradual Movements

While massage therapy offers great benefits to those who have strained or stressed muscles, it is also beneficial to those clients who may be performing daily or work tasks incorrectly and putting unnecessary pressure on their muscles. Another task that we enjoy working on with our clients is to help provide information on the best and most efficient gradual movements when performing such tasks, to avoid having further discomfort again. If the client already has existing aches and pains, our gradual movements and exercises are intended to relieve pain and stress and stimulate circulation and oxygen flow to the strained muscles.

Reducing Swelling

Massage therapy is great for suffering muscles that are the result of an injury. Often times, after a muscle has been affected or is gradually affected over time, the muscle itself will begin to swell causing even more discomfort than before. Our massage therapy services can help reduce the swelling of the strained muscle, remove any nuts or buildup that are present in the affected area, and promote more circulation throughout the body so that the muscle does not feel as strained. Reducing swelling also means shifting the pressure and weight away from the muscle by using activities and exercises that ease the discomfort as well.

Muscle Pressure

When a muscle has been recently torn, damaged, or affected, you may notice that it will begin to swell as a result. If the muscle receives more pressure because you continue to do daily activities and put pressure on the muscle, this could lead to long-term discomfort and failure to do basic activities in the future. Our goal is to help your muscles feel relieved regardless of how painful they may currently feel, but using massage techniques and pressure point methods to help target and reduce the pain. We believe in offering massage therapy services that healthily reduce swelling and overall pain. Sometimes, massage therapy can take weeks or months before the client finally sees her results but we believe this method to be safer and less invasive.

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