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Sport Injuries

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Sports injuries are extremely common and can occur when you least expect them. Even if you’ve played your sport for years, have trained properly, or were just out having fun, sports injuries can happen to everyone and can even prevent you from having that same fun again in the future. We help treat sports injuries so that you aren't constantly in pain from a sport-related accident and so that you can get back out on the court, field, and anywhere else, as soon as possible.

Hip and Back Injuries

Hip and back injuries are popular amongst sports injuries because many sports require running or jogging. When you are multitasking with different muscles in your body and too quickly, this can easily lead to an injury in your hip or back. Whether it be from moving too quickly or not positioning yourself correctly, it's easy to roll your hip out of place or slip a disc in your back from stretching or bending. Hip and back injuries can be difficult to walk, climb stairs, and lift items regularly. Our chiropractic solutions are intended to alleviate that pain and help you realign your muscles for basic activities.

Injured Knees and Ankles

Another common injury that we see when clients have hurt themselves while playing sports include knee and ankle injuries. Since running is an important part of most sports, some are quick to roll their ankle or can get injured when another player hits their knees, steps on their feet or they're tripped, fall, or slide. Repairing and re-strengthening the knees and ankles will help you get back your energy and stamina so that it is no longer painful to walk or run.

Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist Injuries

Lastly, the final body parts that we see injured most include the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. All of these areas that are connected to your arms and upper body can suffer from injuries as well, especially in sports like tennis, golf, basketball, boxing, and anything else that requires using your upper body for strength. We offer chiropractic solutions to rehabilitate your upper body and ease the pain away from the affected areas. Without comfort in your shoulders, elbows, and wrist, you might find it difficult to lift things, grip things, and put pressure on things.


Overexertion is an umbrella term that’s used to describe pain and discomfort as a result of overuse, pressure, or training on parts of your body. For example, if you find that your arms and upper body constantly feel sore or uncomfortable, you may be lifting weights that are too heavy for you. If your legs feel wobbly after long hours of training, perhaps you’ve put too much pressure on them. Or, you’re constantly performing the same task at work and one day it becomes painful to continue performing it. These are all examples of overexertion, which can be treated by chiropractic treatment and therapy, include massage therapy and healthy exercises and motions.

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