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Work Injuries

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If you work a job that requires a lot of physical fitness and exercise, then chances are you’ve been injured at work at least once or twice. Sometimes, those injuries can have long-lasting consequences that make it difficult to perform any other normal or job-related activities. We aim to help you ease the pain and discomfort that comes from those injuries, and to rehabilitate you so that you’re not further damaging your physical health.

Work-related Injuries

Some of the most common work-related injuries that we see include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from excessive typing or writing, as well as more localized injuries on your muscles, joints, and bones, where you’ve lifted something heavy, fallen while on the job, or general overexertion. When clients come to us with a work-related injury, we work hard to ensure that they aren’t missing too much time at work trying to recover from their injury, and that they’re able to go back to work in the future with full capabilities. Even if you aren’t able to go back to work in the future, we continue to perform our services so that you aren’t in pain at all times.

Workers Compensation

When it comes to work-related injuries, you’ll also likely have to file claims with your place of employment to ensure that your work injuries and their associated medical coverage are provided by your employer. We assist our clients in completing evaluations that are needed by insurers, along with documentation to prove that the chiropractic work is alleviating your pain and helping your injuries. Some insurance companies may even pay for your chiropractic services if they are part of your treatment plan.

Getting You Back to Work

One of the common questions that we get from clients is whether or not they’ll be able to go back to work after their injury and their treatment. We assess every case with care and special attention to detail. We know how important it is for you to get back to work and back to your normal routine. We’ll work with you to build up your strength again so that going back to work is something you can look forward to. In some severe cases, however, prolonged treatment may be needed and we may recommend lighter work for you in the meantime.

Safety Measures

Whatever the extent of your injuries is, we take extra safety and precautionary measures with every case and client that we work with. If you have underlying health conditions or your existing injury is the result of a previous injury that was not attended to properly, we will need to integrate that important information into your treatment plan. This ensures that we do not injure you further and that we find the right solution for your recovery. Some exercises and practices may not be suitable for those with underlying problems, who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and those who have previous injuries, so we encourage you to disclose such information in your intake form so that we can provide further safety measures from our side.

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